About Me

I am a from Washington D.C. but I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband. I have three spunky children who fill our home with a lot of life. My joys are beholding God’s creation through music, art, and beauty. I also enjoy rich conversation, exercise, and opening the doors of my home to the many people who come into our lives.

Raquel HeadshotI am passionate about the spiritual journey in the life of the believer and the process of God forming us into the image of Christ.  I am on the road of being transformed and learning how to listen and be with the living God who is all around us and is within us.  I also feel a strong call to walk with others in their own transformative journeys with God.

I first encountered spiritual direction in a group setting. The experience made me want to continue the journey with the Holy Spirit, which led me to seek out a spiritual director.

When I meet with my director, I encounter a fresh perspective of what God is doing in my life and how He is speaking to me. I feel well-listened to and find it easier to discern the movements of the Spirit in my life. I treasure the shared space where I can take a break from the noise of life and commune with God. My goal as a spiritual director is to encourage others by giving what I have received throughout my journey of transformation.

I am currently a student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and a graduate of Selah, a certificate program for spiritual direction with Leadership Transformations, Inc., which is affiliated with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

If you want to talk about meeting for Spiritual Direction contact me and we can arrange a time to discuss and discern if the Holy Spirit is inviting us to meet together.